The construction of Palazzo Mazziotti in Celso began in the 14th century with subsequent transformations in the following centuries, until it took on its present appearance in the late 18th century.

The family, originally engaged in agricultural activities, began to expand its influence to other activities by trading oil, wheat, sulfur, and coal between Calabria and Sicily, eventually acquiring the small villages of Celso, Torricelli, and Santa Maria della Stella in Cilento.

The ancient historical documents preserved in the Palace provide all the evidence that helps to reconstruct the events and close the thread of the events that led the Mazziotti family to put down roots in these lands between 1500 and 1700.

The family, which had always been committed and dedicated to the fate of the area, supported early parliamentary work for the development of the Cilento land, including the railroad network, major public works, roads and the opening of numerous post offices in small towns in the region.

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