Ancient historical residence of the Mazziotti family who settled in the small village of Celso in the land of Cilento in the second half of the 14th century.

Palazzo Mazziotti was declared a National Monument in the early 1950s because it was consecrated by important memories of patriotism. The place where it stands is mentioned in ancient notarial documents as “ubi dicitur li Mazziotti seu la Piazza.”

A magical dimension suspended between sea and mountains, Cilento, a southern part of Campania in the Salerno region in the Vallo di DIano Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hides secret beaches, cliffs, fishing villages and important archaeological remains.

Cilento is also hidden trails and coves, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and hilly landscapes, nature and good food.

Not only history and culture during your stay …

Private breakfasts, picnics with local km0 products, sunset aperitifs in the beautiful setting of the garden of Palazzo Mazziotti, under the canopies of the ancient pine trees…
For our more sporty guests, private excursions and trekking to discover the most hidden trails in the Cilento Park.

Come discover our unique experiences and treat yourself to an unforgettable stay at Palazzo Mazziotti

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